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The Way Banking Should Be

From businesses to farms to families, it’s the communities we’re a part of that make us who we are. That started at the very beginning and continues today.

Back in 1938, the Great Depression took a toll on the people and the banks in Palmer, Nebraska. So brothers George and Tom Dinsdale, along with some friends, decided to do something. They pulled their resources together to open a bank for their community.

They ran their bank much like they ran their farms, and that genuine approach helped them earn the trust of their community. So it didn’t take long before they were ready to reach out to other towns and states. In the 1950s, George’s sons Roy and Jack opened banks across Nebraska, then on to Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming.

With each new bank, their approach stayed the same. More than just bankers, they saw themselves as friends, neighbors and links in the community. People who did business with a handshake.

Banking has changed a lot over the years, but you’ll find our people today are still cut from the same cloth as the founding Dinsdales. Good people, running good banks, in good towns.

Although we make the latest conveniences available, like online and mobile banking, many of our customers still prefer to stop by one of our branches and talk to the bankers they know by name. We’re proud to be a part of our community, and consider customers our friends and neighbors.

We are now in eight states with more than 140 locations and over $9.3B in assets. And the third and fourth generations of Dinsdales are still actively involved, making sure each branch and each employee brings you banking The Way Banking Should Be.


Adams Bank & Trust

A home is the single largest investment most of us make in a lifetime, which is why it’s important to feel comfortable with your mortgage lender. Our mortgage bankers take the time to get to know the people behind the application, so they can recommend an affordable product and personally address any questions.

Home loans have been a cornerstone of Adams Bank & Trust for 100 years. That experience has helped us create a mortgage team that stands out from our competitors. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate the difference!


Mortgage Loans:

  • Conventional: A Conventional Mortgage is any mortgage that is not insured or guaranteed by the federal government or state government. Conventional mortgages typically require a higher down payment, usually 5%-20%. They also have higher income and credit score requirements than government loans.

  • KEY BENEFIT: Repayment terms are generally more favorable

    FHA: The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures these mortgages so Adams Bank & Trust can offer you very attractive loan terms. With flexible qualification guidelines, these loans are designed specifically to benefit first-time homebuyers and buyers who don’t have perfect credit or a lot of money to put down.

  • KEY BENEFIT: Low down payment (as low as 3.5% of the purchase price)

  • VA: VA Home Loans help veterans finance the purchase of a home with very favorable loan terms at an interest rate typically lower than rates charged on other types of mortgages.

  • KEY BENEFIT: No down payment required

    USDA: USDA Home Loans are for low to moderate-income homebuyers wanting to buy a home in a rural development area. USDA Home Loans are affordable and backed by the federal government.

  • KEY BENEFIT: 100% financing on a fixed 30-year loan on the appraised value of the home

    CHAFA: CHAFA mortgage loans offer a variety of programs to increase the availability of affordable, decent, and accessible housing for lower and moderate income applicants in Colorado.

  • KEY BENEFIT: 3% down payment, low credit scores are not automatically excluded

    NIFA: NIFA provides affordable loan programs for first-time home buyers in Nebraska

  • KEY BENEFIT: Below market interest rates and down payments

    Jumbo: A jumbo mortgage is any single loan amount over the conforming loan limit set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which is currently $417,000.

  • KEY BENEFIT: Allow purchase of a more


Western States Bank

Buying a Home Should Be a Pleasant Experience

We’d like to help make it that way by taking the worry out of applying for a mortgage.

Sarah Havermann

Real Estate Loan Officer

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Ogallala Branch

 Select A Mortgage Loan To Fit Your Financial Situation. Before you apply for your mortgage loan, you’ll need to decide which type of loan may be right for you.

  • Conventional Loans – have a fixed rate and monthly payment for the entire life of the loan. It’s easy to budget for this type of loan because your payment will always be the same.
  • VA Loans – Loans provided to qualified veterans by the Department of Veteran Affairs. No down payment is required, but a VA Funding Fee is required unless the veteran is exempt. Exemptions for the VA Funding fee are usually provided to veterans with service related disabilities of 10% or more
  • FHA Loans – offer lower interest rates, require a relatively small down payment, and are insured through the Federal Housing Administration.

Is Refinancing Right For You? Generally, it’s a good idea for you to consider refinancing whenever the interest rate for mortgages is more than two percentage points below your present mortgage. And whether you apply with us for a new mortgage to buy the home you want, or to refinance your present mortgage, ask about a Homeowner’s Credit Line. It can help you save on fees when you apply; interest when you want to borrow money; and, on taxes at the end of the year.